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Professionell design
With Site Studio Pro you can create just about any website possible! You have the choice of creating a website from scratch or you can use one of the many professionally designed concept templates especially suited for companies and organizations.

Search Engine Optimized
Site Studio Pro is completely based on modern technology and equipped with the full support to optimize your website for search engines. Site Studio Pro makes you visible on the Internet!

With Site Studio Pro you can easily edit your website and keep it up to date - As easy as using any word processing tool. Site Studio Pro also offers a one-click solution for publishing (FTP) the website to the Internet.
If you can use any ordinary word processing tools, then you can even create professional websites with Site Studio Pro.

Product features - Site Studio Pro
Site Studio Pro is an award-winning and user-friendly software for creating professional websites without being a web developer.

You can easily update your website and keep it up-to-date. Site Studio has built-in functions to make it easy to navigate. With Site Studio you are also in control of the appearance and design of your web site.

Below you will find some of Site Studio's exciting features.

Build your own layout from scratch or use one of the included website templates as a start
Use one of the included website templates to get started quickly. You can use the templates as a starting point for your own design (or you can start with a blank template and build your own layout from scratch). There are no limitations in the graphical design that you can create for your website (as is the case with many template based solutions).

Visual editing
Site Studio's visual editor shows you how the final page looks like while editing, i.e. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What

You Get) editing. WYSIWYG editing (What You See Is What You Get) is used to edit and create websites. It's just as easy as word processing tools.

Modern Standards - XHTML and CSS
Site Studio generates web pages which conform to the XHTML 1.0 strict standard.

XHTML is the successor to HTML since 2000. XHTML is based on XML and describes the content instead of describing how it should be shown.

Since XHTML is based on XML, the syntax for XHTML is the same as is used for XML. Read more about XHTML at the website "The World Wide Web Consortium". You can read more about XHTML at:

Search function
To make it easier for you web site visitors to navigate on your website it is an advantage if your site has a search function. Site Studio provides a built-in function to create fully searchable websites without using server programming.
You can see how it works by using the search function on this website.

There is built-in support for Flash in Site Studio. You can add a Flash movie to the website as easily as adding an image.

Automatically generated menus
Menus are automatically updated as documents are added, deleted or changed. Therefore, there is no need to update menus on individual pages. Even graphical menus (which use images) are updated automatically. Site Studio creates necessary images on the fly.

Powerful image gallery functions
Site Studio has powerful image gallery functions for a versatile presentation of digital images.
Images can automatically be resized to a web format when imported. There is no need for a separate image editing software to publish you pictures.

Actions (hyperlinks)
Actions suchs as hyperlinks are used to navigate to external or internal web pages. Actions also have "smart" links which allow for linking to the previous and next document. Links can also be made to documents and other files within the project as resources.

Document groups
Document groups are used for grouping documents, i e document groups contain documents which are related in some way. For example, a document group could contain all documents concerning a certain company issue. A document group can be used as the source for menus making it easy to build custom menus.

Document Properties
Each document has a document body, i e it's content. Additionally a document has several properties, such as the document title, date of creation, last modified date, primary colors, associated resource folders etc. These properties are then used together with a layout and it's components to create a unique web page.
Color Schemes. Same Site – Different Colors

Project colors in Site Studio is a collection of 28 colors. Instead of selecting fixed colors, whenever you select a color, you can select a project color. When a project color is changed, all references to it will also change. This makes it easy to change colors on your web site. Site Studio comes with a number of pre-made color schemes for you to choose from which you can even save and personalize as your own.

Graphical Rendering Engine Images (GRE Images)
Site Studio has a graphical rendering engine which assembles images on the fly. These are called GRE Images. GRE Images are built dynamically using blueprints called GRE Styles. A GRE Style is a description of how a GRE image should be assembled. For example, it contains information on what background color to use, how text should be applied and formatted, whether symbols should be blended onto the image etcetera. This powerful feature makes it possible to create graphical menus and labels.

Fields are placeholders for data contained in the website project. In Site Studio there are two types of fields; project fields and documents fields. For instance; the Document Title is a document field. By inserting the Document Title field instead of typing a fixed title in a layout, the field will be replaced with the title for each individual document.

Resource Management
All external files, including images, are stored as project resources. When images are imported they will be copied into the project resources folder. Resources are organized using resource folders which is very useful, especially as the amount of resources used in the project grow in number.

A style is a description on how a paragraph should be formatted. The built-in styles are Heading 1 to 6 and Normal.
Using styles makes it easy to maintain a consistent design throughout the website.
Import Images
Site Studio offers functionality to optimize images for the web. Usually when importing images from a digital camera they are too large to be placed on a web page. Site Studio can automatically resize images, which makes it easy to import images in batches and to create image galleries.
Site Studio Library
The Site Studio Library is a library of graphics for you to use in GRE-images. Buttons, tabs, symbols, backgrounds and more.
Upload (one-click smart update)
Site Studio offers a function for publishing websites to a server from where others can reach your website. Site Studio can be published through the local network to a file server or a web server via ftp. Site Studio uses a smart synchronization mechanism which keeps track of which files are updated. This minimizes the bandwidth needed for uploading.




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